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Our Mission

Our goal is to help our clients win and keep customers through creative and innovative programs that achieve measurable results. Through relationships based on mutual respect and trust, we will communicate with integrity, embody excellence in professionalism, and strive constantly to improve the “added value” of our programs and services.


Over the years we have written short articles on various subjects pertaining to sales and the customer experience.

The Four L’s of Selling

Anyone who is in a selling situation, especially anyone who is evaluated or remunerated based on how well they sell,…

Selling in Today’s Economy, The Rules Have Changed

When your customers resume buying will your sales people be ready to sell By John Connors You'd have to be…

Sales is a Contact Sport

Tell the truth now: when you first read the title of this article, an image flashed through your head. Maybe…

Give More Than Expected

If sales are the engine that drives a company, then service is the lubrication that keeps it humming like a…


Everybody Sells

This book presents a selling system that will provide both the new sales person and the experienced sales person with a process that will develop long-term relationships. Using the “Everybody Sells” system will position the sales person as one who understands the needs of the client.

Service ?Slam Dunk? How to Win and Keep Customers Loyal

Based on what you say, how you present yourself, how you interact with the customer and your attitude, you are delivering a clear message that you are an ambassador for your organization. What would your customers say about you?

Real World Communication Strategies that Work

Featuring John Connors & Jon Cooper
Inside this book you will find ideas, insights, strategies, and philosophies that are working with real people, in real companies and under real circumstances. It provides you with extraordinary examples on how to improve your communication skills and develop your ability to interact with people in an effective way.

Interested in using our books for your sales and customer service teams? Contact John W. Connors: 1-518-505-4836

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