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Developing your people is essential to developing your business.

Training and self-development are critical in today’s business environment. At The Connors Group, we believe in a differentiated learning experience that impacts long term sales and service behaviors.
Can you afford not to learn more?

We bring training concepts to life.

Predictive Insight Selling offers comprehensive solutions to employee development through a unique series of training initiatives that can change behavior and produce measurable results.

For over 25 years The Connors Group has provided real-world teaching and guidance to thousands of people both domestically and internationally. We are leaders in both sales and customer service training. These programs offer extensive follow-up and reinforcement programs to insure participants take what they have learned (skill sets) and ingrain them into their everyday work behaviors and serve as a model for those they influence.

Training that matters- Helping sellers align with the modern buyer.

With 57% of today’s customers exploring purchasing options, it is imperative to show a new way to look at and sell the value of your unique solutions:

Sales Skills Index

Generates a report that shows strengths and development areas along with how well a person understands a sales strategy.


Meaningful conversations to better align value and differentiate products and services.


The ability to understand the customer’s true needs, decision timing and competitive influence to identify value drivers the customer finds essential.

Tailor Solutions

Re-shape customer thinking by focusing on primary needs, being extremely specific about the value you offer, share insight that makes the customer think differently.


Clearly demonstrate how you deliver unique and relevant value. By doing this you reveal the cost of just maintaining their status quo.

Follow-up & Reinforcement

A major component of this program consists is a series of monthly webinars to follow-up and reinforces training. These sessions are designed to support behaviors through a blended learning system whereby, people share their successes and challenges, review sales assessments, video discussions, peer to peer forums that reinforce effective sales behaviors.

Why is ePredictive Insight Selling so important?

Today’s customers (60%) are exploring options, researching opportunities, and making decisions long before getting in touch with a salesperson or company. It’s imperative to show a new way forward with the value of your unique solutions. Predictive Insight is an online, on demand sales training program that is flexible and scalable, regardless of the number of people involved, organizational structure or locations.

What's covered in this course?

This program consists of 7 key facets of sales:

  1. Evolution of Selling
  2. Connect
  3. Discovery
  1. Tailor Solutions
  2. Decision
  1. Benefit Statements
  2. Value Propositions

To insure a measurable impact a major component of this program consists of a series of monthly webinars to follow-up and reinforce the training. These sessions are designed to support behaviors through a blended learning  system whereby, people share their successes and challenges, video discussions, peer-to-peer forums that reinforce effective sales behaviors. Also, there are retention quizzes for each module along with a discussion board linked to the website.

How can this course be implemented?

This program can be an:

  • Internal Sales Training program, each person goes on-line listens to the audio information, supported by a PowerPoint, and downloads the workbooks with assignments
  • One-on-one coaching tool for supervisors and sales coaches
  • A refresher to existing sale personnel

What is the eCustomerExcellence Program?

eCustomerExcellence is an online, on demand program that’s both flexible and scalable. The program keeps your workforce achieving  peak performance through a series of online modules that can be accessed either on an iPhone, tablet, computer to listen to the audio information that is accompanied with a PowerPoint and a downloadable workbook with assignments.

One of the unique features designed into eCustomer Excellence is  knowledge reinforcement. This is accomplished through a series of on-line quizzes taken after each program module.

The eCustomer Excellence Program Modules consist of:

  • Engage the Customer
  • Ask Questions to Uncover Needs
  • Listen & Understand Customer Needs
  • Commit to an Action
  • Thank & Invite Back
  • Follow-up to Insure Customer Satisfaction

Retention Quizzes improve knowledge and give your learning strategies an extra boost so employees can retain information and incorporate it into their daily work behaviors.

Each quiz is accessed through an online portal that takes only a few minutes to respond and receive a score. Their supervisor also receives the score so they can use the information in an effective coaching session.

Follow-up & Reinforcement Sessions

Follow up programs and interactions are critical. It is proven that:

  • Less than half the skills and information learned in training will be transferred to the job immediately after the training session unless a follow-up and reinforcement is part of the training process.
  • Within 6 months, as much as three-quarters of training can be lost without follow-up.
  • After 1 year, some participants will retain as little as 10 to 15 percent of what they learn in training unless learning has been reinforced.

Follow-up & Reinforcement Sessions create an environment to further develop staff and work on goals established during the training. The process holds everyone accountable and as such, the group succeeds, together.

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