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In order to continue the sales growth of people we need to establish within the job responsibilities – any person who is responsible for coaching or supervising another person(s) should have the sales coaching/leadership skills and ability to motivate and hold them accountable to individual and collective goals.

This leadership process is a two-fold system. First – understanding the four levels of sales coaching/leadership and secondly ability to coach people in a way that gives them the opportunity to succeed.

The program is very interactive and calls upon people?s ability to communicate with other team members. To accomplish this, people are working in small groups throughout the two days on specific assignments and information outlined in the workbook and reporting back to the entire group.

Rubber Band Exercise?? An opening interactive exercise where people, in small groups, come up with numerous ways a ?rubber band? can be used. Each team reports back and at the conclusion I ask the question ?what?s the one thing that the rubber band has to do in order to be effective? answer?stretch. The purpose of the exercise is getting people to look at themselves and set the tempo that the training is going to challenge people to stretch and begin to think outside the box.

Sales Leadership Planning Process?? Focus on the 5 Leadership Planning Processes, work in small groups where each person identifies how these processes can be used in their individual branch/department. Then the group selects one branch/department where they will work through and complete the entire Planning Process and make a presentation to the entire group of their team results. Also, the team will identify potential implementation barriers/critical issues, prioritize them, and come up with strategies to overcome the critical issues.

  • Vision for Success
  • Establish Goals
  • Measurement
  • Ownership & Accountability
  • Celebrate Success

Sales Leadership Report ? Completed prior to the training and designed to have people become aware of their individual sales leadership talents. Upon completion of the review, groups of 2 or 3 people are to meet no later than 30 days to discuss areas they chose to focus on for improvement and hold each other accountable for that improvement.

Communication Styles – A key o effective sales leadership is to understand how to communicate to different people in order to get their buy-in. This exercise gets people to understand there are different ways people communicate and it?s the leader responsibility to adjust his/her communication style to create open and effective communication.

Four Levels of Sales Leadership ? How personnel ?see? their manager greatly impacts productivity. Leaders need to understand the Four Levels and what it takes to progress through them. (We begin this segment at the end of day one. It?s completed the AM of the second day.)

Butterfly Effect?- As a homework assignment between Day 1 and Day 2 each person will read a 3-page story titled the ?Butterfly Effect.? We then have an open discussion of what people thought of the story, what is it saying and how does it support what we are doing in this sales leadership training.

Four Levels of Sales Leadership?? Finish up this part of the training that was started Day 1.

Solution Coaching System?? Present a 4-step coaching system that can be used on a regular basis to assist people to take ownership and accountability to meet/exceed both individual and Team goals.

Task Management – During this part of the training participants will layout a typical day/week of tasks they consider important and urgent. By doing this they assess which ones they spend the most time and give them a formula to prioritize and which ones should be delegated.

Real-Play Scenarios ? Each group will create a ?real? scenario they will present using the Solution Selling System. Everyone in the group must be part of the scenario. The scenario must be relevant and has to do with day-to-day activities.

Why is a Follow-up program essential ? It has been estimated that:

  • Less than half the skills and information learned in training will be transferred to the job immediately after the training session unless a follow-up and reinforcement is part of the training process.
  • Within 6 months, as much as three-quarters of training can be lost without follow-up.
  • After 1 year, some participants will retain as little as 10 to 15 percent of what they learn in training unless learning has been reinforced.

This system keeps people focused on developing staff and working on goals established during the training. The process holds everyone accountable. We break the main group up into smaller groups and through a Go-To-Meeting format the groups have homework assignments that need to be complete before each session. In order to reinforce the 2-day training the monthly assignments are derived from the following:

  1. Sales Leadership Planning Process
  2. Sales Coaching System
  3. Four Levels of Sales Leadership
  4. Leadership Assessment
  5. Discussions from previous tele-coaching sessions
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