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Sounds simple but it is true.? From the coffee barista asking if you?d like a breakfast sandwich with your latte or an office supply Account Executive looking for add on items to complete a large order.? The question is, how does everybody sell and are they selling to the audience for their individual buying needs.

The value of the sale, at times, is based largely on the product itself and the salesperson’s facilitation of access to the product.

Our program includes the below listed modules coupled with a personalized workbook:

Moments of Truth, Selling Behavior Style, Everybody Sells Model

  • Acknowledge and Greet the Customer
  • Uncover Customer Needs
  • Translate the Value of Your Products
  • Bringing the Transaction to a Close

Irate Customer
& Problem Resolution

  • Understand the Problem
  • Create Solutions
  • Fix the Problem
  • Follow-Up


  • Pick up Phone on the second or third ring
  • Greet the Customer
  • Give Your Name
  • Ask the Customer if You Can Help

Coaching and Reinforcement

This program focuses on giving managers coaching tools and skills to help people increase their productivity. The program includes the following:

  • Role of the Coach
  • Planning Process
  • Coaching & Intervention Process
  • How to Conduct Effective Meetings
  • Reinforcement System
  • Measure/Follow-Up System

Everybody Sells?is designed to be presented in a six-hour session. A three-hour follow-up and reinforcement session are critical and part of the Learning System.

Special Characteristics of? Customer Excellence Learning System:

  • Train-the-Trainer Certification Program
  • Measurement System
  • Coaching & Reinforcement Program
  • Knowledge Reinforcement Quizzes
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