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John W. Connors

20+ years of training expertise

John has a B.A. degree in Psychology and an M.A. degree in Counseling. He has incorporated his years of counseling experience with his many years of selling to implement exciting and innovative sales training and sales management experiences in ways that cause organizations to change how they view selling and their relationships with customers.


Tait Wheeler

Vocal Talent

Tait lends his voice to the content found within Predictive Insight Selling. You’ll hear him engaging participants and guiding them throughout their learning journey.

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Matt Curtin

Website Design & Content Management

Matt brings his global training and content design experience to the team allowing users the best experience possible. He is responsible for the website layout and course content design.

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Allen Look

Global Business and Technology Executive

Allen creates peace of mind for peer executives by connecting IT strategy with the operating model, showcasing IT?s contribution to business outcomes, building critical business capabilities, and by demonstrating that the right amount is being invested in IT, on the right things.

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