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We see it as the natural way to train people.

With 30 years of experience, John Connors has fine-tuned sales and customer service training to meet the specific and individual needs of human resource and sales managers. John earned a B.A. degree in Psychology and an M.A. degree in Counseling fostering a mindset of understanding people and how to develop each individual’s skill set.

The Philosophy.

Simple. You cannot be who you are not.

John and his team train in an environment where the ability to perform is fresh, real, and true to oneself. You absolutely cannot be who you are not, states John, It puts the person at a disadvantage when interacting with a client. No two companies or individuals are the same and neither are the training programs.

Can success come effortlessly?

Yes, it can. John is a successful author, instructor, and active member of his community. His approach sees beyond just implementing programs and skills and seeks to engage the client’s management and peers to support the efforts once John and his team have completed their tasks.

If you are looking for more than training and are interested in building a long-term strategy and company culture, please contact John Connors at or 518-505-4836.

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