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Creating a successful and healthy environment through training and support.

What’s the difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience? A whole lot! Let us show you how to secure, build and sustain customers creating loyalty and commitment.

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Follow up programming is paramount to insuring successful training.

Without it, the training becomes just another seminar and the lose of impact is tremendous:

Less than half of the knowledge and skills learned will be transferred to the job without a follow up and retention program.

Within the first six (6) months, as much as 75% of the skills learned in training will be lost without reinforcement.

After one (1) year, retention is as little as 10-15%.

Everybody Sells

This book presents a selling system that will provide both the new sales person and the experienced sales person with a process that will develop long-term relationships. Using the “Everybody Sells” system will position the sales person as one who truly understands the needs of the client.

Real World Communication Strategies that Work

Inside this book you will find ideas, insights, strategies, and philosophies that are working with real people, in real companies and under real circumstances. It provides you with extraordinary examples on how to improve your communication skills and develop your ability to interact with people in an effective way.

Service “Slam Dunk” How to Win and Keep Customers Loyal

Based on what you say, how you present yourself, how you interact with the customer and your attitude, you are delivering a clear message that you are an ambassador for your organization. What would your customers say about you?

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