The Rx CD System is a complete turnkey solution designed to help people boost their strong attributes to great ones or overcome their de-velopmental areas as highlighted in the Attribute Index.™

Each CD course is unique in that it covers very targeted and specific points related to each of the Attributes as scored on each of the Attribute Index™ Assessments. The first part of each CD course covers information the per-son should know about that particular topic.

The CD course also contains a workbook with activities that can be very helpful in applying the information to one’s personal and professional life.

The companion Rx CD Learning Mastery System™ contains questions and facts about the information contained in the Rx CD courses. You can use this CD to review and quiz yourself on the material.

The following is a sample list of the Rx CD’s and Learning Mastery Courses

Name of product or service

Accurate Listening
Accountability for Others Attention to Detail
Attitude Toward Others
Commitment To Job
Consistency & Reliability
Developing Others
Emotional Control
Empathic Outlook
Evaluating Others
Gaining Commitment
Goal Achievement
Handling Rejection
Handling Stress
Influencing Others
Internal Self Control
Interpersonal Skills

Long-Range Planning
Personal Accountability
Proactive Thinking
Problem/Situation Analysis
Problem Solving
Project & Goal Focus
Quality Orientation
Relating To Others
Results Oriented
Seeing Potential Problems
Self Assessment
Self Starting
Self Confidence
Understanding Attitude
Understanding Motivational Needs
Using Common Sense