Our Product Knowledge Reinforcement Solution is completely customizable and scalable to your needs. We can connect our interactive reinforcement quizzes and reporting capabilities to your product manual or build you an on-line product manual that is accessible through the internet or your company’s intranet.

Our eKnowledgeReinforcement System is the long-term solution you need for sales people, product distributors or even to certify end-users of your products.

Product Knowledge Manual
All your product information can be just a click away, with built in searches and menu options. Best of all, our automated reinforcement system encourages learning through review, repetition and knowledge recall.

Customized Product Quizzes
Our product quizzes come complete with product links that make it easy to access your product information that corresponds to the question. You can use true or false, multiple choice, fill in the blank and even essay questions.

Detailed Tracking Reports
Managers and coaches can easily review results and see what questions are missed most often or monitor who hasn’t completed their course work. Reports can be generated by individual, by location or region.

Email Group Connections
Managers can communicate directly with individuals or group participants as they look at reports. You can provide positive feedback to participants and offer coaching to those who need help or haven’t participated.

LMS Uploading Capabilities
We can seamlessly integrate our product quizzes and reports with your existing on-line learning system. Different departments can be assigned different product courses based on their job.

Sales Report Links
We can add your sales tracking reports to our reinforcement system so you can monitor results of how sales people are doing relative to their product learning.

Reward System
To involve your people in the learning process, we can tie in regular contests and even include sales reporting results by location or region.