Managers and Human Resource professionals will all agree that the job interview process is marginally effective at securing the neccessary talent to fit the job. The most profitable businesses know that properly defining a job and securing the matching talent to fit the job is a critical factor to their success.

We can offer you a unique solution to finding the right people to fit the job (and your organization) with ourTriMetrixTM System. TriMetrixTM is a computer generated model that measures the behaviors, motivators and personal traits needed to be an optimal performerin a predefined position using job benchmarking and talent evaluation reports.

Job Benchmarking

Key Accountabilities
First, the TriMetrixTM System develops a list of key accountabilities for each targeted job. These are the critical goals and business objects that a given job is responsible for producing. This model can be applied and reapplied to any job, anytime in a growing and constantly changing environment.

Job Report Templates
Next, the TriMetrixTM System produces a job benchmark report, which provides a template for the specific talents needed to be successful in a particular job. For example, if you are looking for an Account Executive, the report will reflect attributes such as: Results Orientation, Customer Focus, Influencing Others, Self Management, Interpersonal Skills, Objective Listening, Personal Accountability.

Talent Selection

The TriMetrixTM talent evaluation report provides an unbiased personal accessment of your job candidate. This report tells you whether or not they have the specific talents or personal skills needed for the job based on your predetermined TriMetrixTM
benchmarking key accountabilities and job report template.
Individuals are ranked by attribute categories according to a National Mean. It can reveal true behaviors that people will bring to work, and what will motivate them on the job. And, it is completely EEOC compliant.

There are many other applications for the TriMetrixTM System in your organization:
Employee Coaching, Sales Development, Performance Reviews,
Succession Planning, Training Needs, Core Competency Development

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