eCustomerExcellence is an online, on demand program that’s both flexible and scalable. It will keep your workforce achieving “peak performance” regardless of the number of people involved, your organizational structure or your number of locations.

One of the unique features designed into eCustomer Excellence is “knowledge reinforcement.” This is accomplished through a series of on-line quizzes taken after each program module.

eCustomerExcellence program consists of:
6 modules with printout workbooks
Workbook assignments
Ability to read along while listening to audio presentation of each workbook

eCustomerExcellence Program Modules are:
Engage the Customer
Ask Questions to Uncover Needs
Listen & Understand Customer Needs
Commit to an Action
Thank & Invite Customers Back
Follow-up to Insure Customer Satisfaction

This interactive program can be used as a:
One-on-one coaching tool for supervisors and managers
Orientation program for new employees
‘In-house’ comprehensive customer service program