CustomerExcellence is designed to focus on service skills that secure, build, and sustain customer relationships. By valuing these relationships and listening to their needs, customers reward organizations by moving from “satisfied” to “loyal.” This is the ultimate compliment a customer can pay to an organization.

Creating Loyalty through Passion and Commitment.
This is accomplished through the following system:

Engage the customer
Ask questions
Listen and Understand
Thank & Invite Back
Follow Up and Insure Satisfaction

It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It

Communication Skills
Moments of Truth
Telephone Etiquette
Understanding Different Communication Styles

Does It Matter Who's Wrong? [Dealing with Irate Customers]

Four Step Resolution System
Understand the Issue
Create Solutions
Fix the Problem

Focuses on giving managers/supervisors coaching tools and skills that impactattitude, behavior and performance. The program includes the following: “Role of the Coach ” “Coaching and Intervention Process” “Reinforcement System” Measure/Follow-Up Program Everybody Sells is presented in a four-hour session. A follow-up and reinforcementsession is part of the Learning System.

Special Characteristics of
Customer Excellence Learning System:

Train-the-Trainer Certification Program
Program Licensing
Knowledge Reinforcement Quizzes.